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Apply and description of our guild/clan Empty Apply and description of our guild/clan

Post  ~Admin~Venus~Admin~ on Sat Jan 09, 2010 3:52 pm

Hello everyone and welcome to our forum.Blood-Brothers is a guild/clan in a game named Rumble Fighter.In this guild everyone must be friendly,give/ask advices,help each other if needed and also warn all of the members if there is a scammer or a could be danger in the game.Here you can apply to join our guild or by sending a whisper/PM to: VenusManon15(founder),Hellcream(deputy),Cyanidex(deputy) or Bigeme(deputy).
In Blood-Brothers there are certain rules that have to be respected.They are not hard to follow or to remember:
1.No swearing or cursing of any kind!
2.If being a victim of a scam,please report to other members of a possible danger from a scam and also name the scammer!
3.No spreading of rumors,starting guild wars without permission from a deputy or founder.
4.All members must make a macro /ready We...Want....BLOOD!
That is all the rules that are needed in this time to be followed.However there could be more rules added so keep watching our website carefully.Thank you for reading.Hope you will like our guild/clan and suggest it to others that might be willing to join.We one more time thank you for reading and using a little piece of yours time to take a look at our website.Happy New Year 2010.

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